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Audience Extension

Audience extension advertising tactics are ad campaigns that are designed to target users based on their Internet behavior. These tactics use the potential client's shopping history, search terms, demographics and more as well as the steps in a purchasing funnel (Awareness, opinion, consideration, preference and purchase) to reach the ideal audience for your product or service and maximize your return on investment.

Contextual Targeting

Your ads display next to relevant content. For example, a user does a keyword search for ear infection symptoms. She clicks on a website link offering a list of symptoms and treatment options. An ad for a local nose, ear and throat physician displays on the website alongside the article.

Geo Targeting

Also known as hyperlocal targeting, this tactic allows the advertiser to have their ads display around a set address for a set amount of time. For example, a local pizza shop is having a lunch special from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They set a hyperlocal campaign to show ads to people on their mobile devices within 100 yards of their location for that time frame.

Mobile, Web & App

Your ads are shown to users who are on their mobile devices who are engaging with an app or website content. For example, ads that show up while you are playing Angry Birds or while reading a local news article on your tablet. You select the area in which these ads will be served, for example Pocatello plus a 50 mile radius.

Site Retargeting

Once a user visits your website your ads appear on other websites as they continue to browse the Internet. A cap can be set on how many times a browser is shown your ad during a certain time frame and detailed analytics will show how many of those took action and came back to your website after viewing the ads.

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